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Experts in both colon and rectal surgery, the gastroenterologists here at the Digestive and Liver Center of Florida in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Oveido, FL, can help you improve your health with a range of surgical procedures.

How colon and rectal surgery can help you

Your gastroenterologists perform these surgeries to treat diseases and conditions of the colon, rectum, intestinal tract, anus, and the perianal area just outside the anus. Although the type of surgery varies depending on the cause and severity of your issue, colon and rectal surgery can be used to:

  • Remove hemorrhoids, genital warts, anal skin tags
  • Treat human papillomavirus, anal lesions, HIV ulcers, and anally transmitted diseases
  • Repair anal fistulas
  • Treat fecal incontinence
  • Remove cancerous and non-cancerous growths and lesions
  • Remove intestinal blockages and strictures
  • Use nerve blocks to relieve anal pain
  • Correct birth defects in the colon or anus
  • Remove portions of the colon damaged by inflammatory bowel diseases, diverticulosis, cancer, or other diseases
  • Remove scar tissue from the walls of the colon
  • Stop bleeding
  • Reconstruct the abdominal wall and repair hernias
  • Treat chronic constipation and diarrhea
  • Place central vein ports


How is colon and rectal surgery performed?

Although traditional open surgery may be required in some cases, many types of surgeries can now be performed using minimally invasive techniques. Benefits of the surgery include smaller incisions, fewer days spent in the hospital, quicker healing/recovery, and less post-operative pain.

Some surgeries can also be performed through the anus, including transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS), which is used to remove non-cancerous polyps and some types of cancerous tumors from the lower sigmoid colon and rectum. Robotic surgery may also be used to treat colon and rectal conditions and diseases. The surgery improves precision and makes it easier to operate on hard-to-reach areas.

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